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Salamun Alaikum And Welcome - Khush Amdid - Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

With the help of The Creator and Sustainer of the universe I am starting to design this page.

I have been meaning to refresh my website for good few months now. Finally I decided to do something about it and have attempted to create this. I will hopefully be updating this on a regular basis as new ideas keep flowing in. Have decided to keep this page in a simple, html format as nothing bugs me more than flash sites that would take too long to load and give very little control to the visitor. I also hate those websites that start loading different scripts and all the other fancy gubbins which are really not needed all the time.

I hope that this page loads up pretty quickly for you. I will also try and optimize it for viewing on a mobile device soon.


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MountainsMy new online photo album filled with pictures from my vacations, various events, and my family.

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